Brand New...

A new beginning in oils again! Two unique looks that are classic W.M. Vinci with vivid colors and profuse textures - but with a whole new oil twist.

Impressionism on steroids the work is wickedly free yet refined.

The SHATTER Series is richly textured with abundant color control peaking through a tornado of icing. The imagery is clear from any distance but a confetti surprise awaits a closer viewing. A bit classic yet very original. 

​The CIRQUE Series is pointillism meets Chuck Close. Visceral loads of wet paint are twisted and blended into wondrous images. Saturated brushwork circles lead to spellbinding abstracted perspectives. 

As with my acrylics it's frustrating to photograph and capture the "live" experience of seeing the painting in person. There so much texture and depth to the work. It moves. It breathes. And transforms with the changing light of our lives. A must see. 


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