"Vinci crafts works that possess both dramatic movements and superb formal balance and poise. For all the power his work wields, he also demonstrates incredible visual control." 

Agora Gallery. New York.

w.m. vinci

​fine arts

Artist Statement 

I'm trying to shake people up. Endlessly inspired by the many wonders of our physical and metaphysical worlds, I like to paint just beyond our literal selves. Bold, fresh, and fiercely original, my artwork isn't background. That's what the wall is for. Certainly there's enough brooding and darkness in the world, but I choose not to dwell in it. Instead I paint light, positive, fresh, and bright. My artwork seeks to change the vibe in the room and energize people. I want to flip the switch and challenge the viewer. The artwork is intended to be uplifting. I am particularly fond of abstracts since they don't answer questions - they ask them. Abstracts also invite the viewer to particpate in the process by allowing their own narative. My new oils, while a bit more classic, do the same - they vibrate. 

All of my paintings have a strong palette and most are richly textured. Entropy and erosion are the subtle feathered edges of discourse between the vibrating confluences of color and light on the canvas. Some of my work resembles topographical maps or astrophysical pictures. I like to work on the edge of control letting the acrylic flow and move while inspriration drives and creativity pours. I delight in layering meaning and innuendo between each liquid layer. The result is a breathing work of art that plays with the changing light in any room. 

It is a great pleasure to have clients contact me years later and tell me they were admiring a painting recently and found it even more compelling then when they bought it. As I paint I move back and forth around the canvas to insure the painting reads well from every distance. Beyond the flowing rhythms and pulse my paintings are composed. Stand back and enjoy the overall effect and composition. Move closer and see revealed intricacies and magical movements in the paint.