w.m. vinci

​fine arts



I've and work in Emerald Hills California. After bouncing around from one affordable studio to the next I finally built a studio into the space under my home. Through the trees it overlooks the San Francisco Bay which is a constant source of inspiration. The natural beauty, rich history, diverse cultures, and wonderfully open society underwrite myself and my art work. My grandmother was a painter too. I hope some of her wisdom and talent flows through me on to the canvas. She was such a huge inspiration to me and an amazing woman. My own passions of music & art, friends & travel, and science are infused into my artwork. Your attention is your greatest currency and I'm always conscious of your spending it with me. Thank you. 


I invest in travel. Of all my possessions my memories are the most precious. As I've traveled, to over 65 countries now and most recently South Africa, I'm drawn to the local colors, textures, music, and food. The brilliant colors of Cusco and painted temples of Tibet. The music and architecture of Spain. The spice and heat of Africa. In each of these places I'm inspired to be freer, to paint boldly, and to try new things. It motivates me to think outside the box. It also gives me a context of history and the times in which we live - a sense of place. 


University of California Berkeley

San Francisco State

Stanford continuing studies

Pacific Art League

Numerous workshops & classes

Self taught

Bodies of Work

Elements - Abstract acrylics based on astrophysics and mysticism

eARTworks - Abstract acrylic explorations of our planet and landscapes

Persona Grata - Acrylic abstract expressions of us - human beings and our place in the worlds we inhabit

Urban Circus - Abstract acrylic field trips for the urban soul and the lives we've forged

Tree Line Project - A complete and flexible large body of work (in process) in multiple media ready to install

Shatter Series Oils - Richly layered impressionist oil paints intended to challenge our focus. 

Cirque Series Oils - Spun oil pointillism with every unique stroke connecting with each other to create a new synthesis.  



I've been represented by various agencies including Agora Gallery in New York, Norman Lassiter Gallery in Palm Springs, and Art Liaisons. My work is held in private and corporate collections. I was a featured speaker at TEDx Los Gatos in 2011. My work has been in various magazines and newspapers over the years including the cover of AJCC three times in 2012 and 2013. A full list is available upon request.